the essence of creme inc

The essence of crème inc

My name is Maria, I am 45 years old, I'm Chemical Engineer, married to a wonderful husband, and a mother to an amazing daughter, Amaryllis.

To say that I am the creator behind crème inc? I won't say that... it's something much more than that! crème inc has a heart and soul, and a journey that began by chance and continues to evolve. Together with my daughter, Amaryllis, we started creating cosmetics and candles in our kitchen, initially just for fun and to spend creative time together.

I never imagined that this endeavor would awaken something deeper within me.

Through these creative efforts, and following Amaryllis' playful spirit, I found my own inspiration. I rediscovered my creative, joyful, sensitive, and bold self. Where have you been all these years? Did I forget about you?

And I realized that I had forgotten to take care of myself as I should, neglected to spend time with myself, to become friends with myself, to love myself. As the years go by, you forget who you are and become what you should be!

This is the essence of crème inc... creativity, memories, introspection, self-care, relaxation with a touch of elegance and luxury that will beautify everyday life and make each moment special. I discovered that I needed this, and I decided to offer it to anyone else who needs it.

The journey started without having a destination. We just want to enjoy it with Amaryllis, the flame of my life!

I hope to inspire her and to show her the path to dare to be creative, to dare to look within herself, to never forget to take care of and love herself, and to passionately enjoy life's little pleasures.

My little Amaryllis, I love you and thank you

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