Science behind...

Science behind...

There is science behind the scent, the smell, and memories! Smell is the sense with the shortest route to the part of the brain that processes emotions, the Amygdala. The Amygdala is a group of neurons that is part of the "primitive" brain, which controls instinctual functions and is linked to emotions. It plays a primary role in memory, decision-making, and emotional reactions. Scents and fragrances are truly the most unfiltered information received by the brain, not filtered by our consciousness.

The sense of smell is remarkable and powerful, connected to a deeper network of memories that are sometimes locked behind a scent and would otherwise be inaccessible. Since memories, like our emotions, are stored in the same brain region, you can often attribute a memory or a specific emotion to what you smell, which can ultimately affect your mood.

So, all you need is a fragrance that will bring you back thousands of beautiful memories and joyful emotions.

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