Candle's history

Candle's history

The history of candles goes way back. From the Roman Empire, where the first candles were made from animal fat, to the Qing Dynasty in China, where candles were crafted from whale fat. We then arrived in the 19th century when industrial candle production began in England. Demand skyrocketed during this time as candles were the primary source of illumination. Later on, their use transitioned more towards aromatizing and decorating, as it remains today.

The famous tradition and craftsmanship of the English in candle making led us to the largest producers and the finest perfumers.

Our candles stands out because:

They are handmade with love and meraki

They are eco-friendly, made with coconut and rapeseed wax

They are luxurious, with unique fragrance combinations

They are innovative because the scents in each of our candles change every 10-15 hours of burning.

By purchasing our candles, you're buying a concert of scents, which, before you get used to it, changes character and begins a new concert. 

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